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So long, 2020... We struggled to find creative energy this year but managed to put time into long neglected projects, reconnect with family, and appreciate many things often taken for granted. Some musical highlights included the release of the Fragmentation box set on Hospital Productions; our live album Interdependent / Arising; the launch of Rich's new label Ekstasis with a live album from O/H; new Orphx and O/H tracks for HANDS, Liber Null Berlin, Pi Electronics, Sonic Groove, and Strange Therapy; an online performance for Noise Engineering and interviews with Noisextra, Until Death, and Never Apart / POP Montreal; mixes for Hypnus Records, Under My Feet., and E-Saggila / Rinse FM; and remixes for Synapscape (ant-zen) and Years of Denial (Veyl). Thanks to Stanislav Glazov and Age Eternal for their stunning video work, and thanks to everyone who ordered and downloaded music from Bandcamp over the past year. We are wishing health and sanity for everyone in these challenging times.