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August 26: Christina Sealey DJ set - The Mash House - Edinburgh, Scotland

Orphx European tour: October 2018 (Dates TBA)

For all bookings worldwide, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    


June 2018: Orphx remix of "Bleeding Walls" by Christian Wunsch on Tsunami Records


October 2017: "Worthless Scam" by O/H on the Leyla 12" compilation Directed by Sacrifice


October 2017: Orphx remix of "015" by NX1 on Nexe Records


September 2017: "Undying (Nachtstrom Edit)" on the Rust In Peace compilation on Nachtstrom Schallplatten. All proceeds from this compilation will be donated to cancer research.


August 2017: "Light Bringer" - Live excerpt from Berlin Atonal 2016 performance with JK Flesh on the Force Majeure CD compilation from Wire Magazine



July 2017: Orphx remix of "Against Myself" by Pulse One on Granulart Recordings 


June 2017: Orphx remix of "Dissolve" by ASC on Fracture