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Upcoming Performances

Now booking worldwide for 2023 : Orphx, Ontario Hospital, Eschaton, Orphx + JK Flesh, Oureboros, Rich Oddie, Christina Sealey : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Recent Releases

Orphx / Kareem - As Your Skies Are Fading Away 12" (Zhark, February 2022) : Collaborative EP with Kareem on the legendary Zhark label. Five tracks inspired by formative acid house experiences, filtered through the harsh surrealism of the future present: https://orphx.bandcamp.com/album/as-your-skies-are-fading-away

Orphx - Chrysalis (February 2022): 31 minute studio recording, based on material created for the SHTO outdoor sound event in Voronezh, Russia, last summer. https://orphx.bandcamp.com/album/chrysalis

Orphx - Primordial State C60 (July, 2021) : This collection of live recordings is a deep dive into the nightmarish soundscapes and destroyed rhythms that characterized the early work of the project: https://orphx.bandcamp.com/album/primordial-state-live-archive-1994-1995. Edited into a continuous mix, Primordial State conjures the ritualistic, dreamlike atmosphere of early Orphx performances and shows how studio material was developed and mutated through live improvisation, including the nascent forms of compositions that would later appear on the Fragmentation album (originally released on Malignant Records in 1996 and re-released as an expanded box set on Hospital Productions in 2020): https://orphx.bandcamp.com/album/fragmentation