Upcoming performances

December 2     Orphx live: INUIM - Soybomb - Toronto, Canada

December 9     Orphx live: Omen - Los Angeles, USA

December 10   Orphx live: Der Bunker Teknobar - Pheonix, USA

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Recent and upcoming releases

November 4     New album "Pitch Black Mirror" released on Sonic Groove (2x12" + digital) / Hands(CD)

June 20           Orphx split 12" w/ Rrose on Khemia

June 9             Orphx remix of "Signs" by Ricardo Garduno on Nachtstrom Schallplatten

May 6              Eschaton II (Orphx + Ancient Methods) 12" on Token Records

April 1             Orphx remix of "Methadone" by Dead Sound + Videohead on Coum Records

January 21      Orphx remix of "Vesperum" by Ricardo Donoso on Denovali Records

January 15      Orphx remix of "Abjura Detesta" by Auto Da Fe on the Falling Ethics label

January 4        Orphx remix of "Prototype V" by Kalter Ende on the Concerns label